Carys Sanders working in Lino print

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My work tends to focus on architectural structures and details. Iím interested in what gives a specific location its visual identity in terms of man made structures, and the changing nature of places as buildings decline, are demolished, and are replaced with the new. This connects to my interest in memory and death, through the things that are remembered and the things that are lost. Iím also interested in documenting thoughts and feelings that I connect to certain places, and I find this often guides my choices of subject and how I approach creating an image.

I choose to work in print as the results are often stark and clean. I also like the processes involved with working in this medium. I find I am influenced by a lot of contemporary printmakers, as well as illustrators. I aspire to continue to explore ideas through making prints, to improve and experiment with the techniques (including other printing techniques) and to exhibit and possibly sell my work.

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