CherylVan Goethem working in METAL, ENAMEL, GLASS

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I work closely with nature reflecting a sense of place through mark-making and enamelling using steel pipes as a canvas for the landscapes I create.

The Japanese aesthetic of ¶wabi-sabi¶, finding beauty in the natural ageing process and the imperfections bestowed by nature influences my work. I get a lot of inspiration from the shore; pebbles, rocks and washed up driftwood.

Sustainability and recycling are important to me and I find the process of turning scrap into art very creatively satisfying.

I work mainly with metal and vitreous enamel but I also like to experiment with other materials. Walking, nature and mark-making in response to sounds out in the open, form part of the meditative process which is reflected in the finished vessels.

I like to push the boundaries and experiment with both concept and materials and would like to get more involved with other artists and makers.

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