Hilary Cowley Greer working in Figurative Ceramic Sculptures & Drawings, also Mixed Media

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My work is largely figurative - I find the human form a source of endless fascination and inspiration for its almost infinite variability of proportion, contortion, flexibility, fluidity, movement, stillness and beauty even in its occasional ugliness. I find the process of seeking a likeness challenging but also enjoy exploring form in both 2 and 3 dimensions.

I've enjoyed drawing since childhood but only recently found the time and confidence to take art more seriously. I delight in unexpected glimpses of beauty in the everyday world, be it in the look in someone's face or the conjunction of forms or objects in nature or the man-made environment.

I have always been rather a squirrel, despite moving house frequently between mid Wales, France, Hampshire, Cheshire and Oswestry, so our home and garden are full of 'interesting' bits and pieces which may eventually be incorporated into works of art.

Over the past few years I have exhibited at a wide range of galleries and other venues through Cheshire and the Oswestry area.

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