Holly Hayward working in Oil, Acrylic, ink, pencil

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I am an artist drawn to the seclusion of mountains, woodlands and rugged coastlines. For me, these are magical places abundant with wild life and alive with the legends of those who braved the elements before.

My previous work (often in pen and ink) has been an illustration of these experiences explored on foot.

Currently I am working on a series of portraits in oil. Choosing particular poses whilst aiming to provide the viewer with an insight to the subject¶s personality and character. With a progressive style of painting, I am pushing the boundaries to strive for originality within my paintings. Thus, constantly seeking new ways of revealing the sitter¶s own narrative, through means of colour, tone and composition.

I have exhibited in various locations including: The Willow Gallery, Oswestry; The Ellesmere Art Exhibition and The Boat house Ellesmere

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