Jon Young working in acrylic, pastels and the house!

I was a budding artist at school with much potential: self taught from 14: A level Art at 15; prizes and commissions; job opportunities... I chucked it all in, went off and did a Geography degree and travelled the world for a few years. I came back...the next few decades flew past in "the iron cage of work." Years on, I found myself wanting to revisit those early interests and skills. I couldn?t afford a Porsche. Life events produced the kick up the bum needed and in April 2013 I started painting.

As an artist I am rather rusty, learning new things and improving all the time (There is a long way to go). Which is fantastic. I am drawn to beauty and colour in both people and places. I feel that this could be the next awfully big adventure for me! So come with me on my journey as I develop over the next few years... but be patient as I don?t know where I?m going!

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