Lou Stafford working in Watercolour

Way back in the year dot when choices were made about futures I wanted desperately to go to art college but this wasn¶t to be as my parents had other ideas. I¶ve dabbled in various mediums and enjoyed free-machine embroidery for a while then circumstance and determination on my part allowed me to realise my dream of living by the sea and produce art. I moved to the Isle of Bute and opened a small studio by the sea. I sell my work on the Isle of Bute at Mount Stuart, a stately home with visitors centre, restaurant and grounds. This year they have actually purchased work from me as opposed to sale or return which is great. I also have my work in the Willow Gallery in Oswestry and also Gallery Number 3 at Ellesmere. I admire Ann Blockley¶s watercolours with her dramatic use of colour and texture and also Jean Haines ease of capturing an animal¶s character. I live in the countryside and love the freedom that it offers, always taking my camera with me when out walking the dog.

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