Myra Ryan working in sculpture,installation, print, drawing

My work spans sculpture, installation and print. I draw and paint with non traditional materials. I like to take my 2 dimensional works to create 3 dimensional structures as well as `drawing` directly in 3D..

I am interested in exploring the inner self, to give visual presence to feelings and emotions.

Fascinated by the theory of semiotics I find ways of applying this to my work, using materials that bring with them connotations from former uses, connotations that are embedded in our collective consciousness.

My work is. deliberately open, ambiguous, thought provoking and challenging; I hope the viewer will pause for a moment to consider,reflect and interpret the clues left within the work and offer their own interpretations.. Some of the artists who have influenced my work are Eva Hesse, Louise Bourgeois, Mona Hatoum, and Susie MacMurray.

My work can currently be viewed at Caffi Gallery, Llandudno, Blossoms Gallery, Aberystwyth, and the Willow Gallery, Oswestry as welll as Underhill Farm for BVA Open Studios.
Awards in 2016, Royal Academy Summer Show finalist, Nominated for European League of Institutes of Art, Amsterdam, and in 2015 Welsh Graduates of the Year 2015, .Royal Academy Summer Show finalist

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