Pam Gordon working in Stone Carving, Painting, Print-making

My stone carvings reflect the process - influenced by the natural world around me, I like to let the stone dictate the end result, bringing out surface patterns and fossil structures to enable it to stand as a form in its own right.

As well as looking at form and shape in my sculpures, I love to experiment with colour on a 2-dimensional plane. Colour and mark-making take precedence in semi-abstract landscapes and line-work takes over my print-making, experimenting with textures and layers. My art reflects the things I love - the natural world, animals.

I studied Fine Art at Liverpool Poly (Foundation) and then went on to Wolverhampton University to get a 2:1 BA(Hons) specialising in Stone and Wood Carvings. I was taught there by the wonderful Paddy (John Paddison) and graduated in 1992.

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