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I am a Fine Art and Portrait photographer.
I produce individual art, supplying imagery and undertaking commissions for a wide range of clients.
My passion is with light, the way it changes the dynamics of an image, the way we view and feel about an image.

I use the elements of line, shape, form and the energy which the light brings into my camera.

Travel is a large part of a photographer¶s life even if it¶s only steps away from one¶s front door, and as such inspiration is always at hand.

My greatest influence has always been the world in which I live and recording it as I see it. My photographic influences are Saul Leiter, Jane Bowen, Ansel Adams to name but a few.

Artists who I am endlessly in awe of are Matisse, Degas, Gauguin, Cezanne,
Van-Gogh, Fantin-Latour, Klee, Potter, Hockney. My list appears small but in truth there are so many amazing artists who make me stop and stare.

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