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My work is inspired by the relationship between the city and the countryside and how the grid has come to dominate our lives.

Within this space I aim to explore the natural and the man-made environment. Marks, patterns and shapes bear testimony to an ever changing world and these elements have an important bearing on my practice.

Within my work I question and explore the dynamics of deconstruction and reconstruction through chance. This process reduces the artists ability to control creativity and the emotion within a given work. What results is uncontrolled creativity whereby the artist makes the most of chance collisions with unexpected and impersonal forces.

Although the viewer would find my work abstract I would like to think it explores the gap between figurative and abstraction.

Paintings/Reliefs: Using predominantly natural materials, paint, applied molten metals and a router to draw I aim to question and explore the powerful relationships between shape, colour, surface and texture.

Printing: recent prints are primarily screen prints and etchings. In the past I have also used drypoint, linocuts and mono prints.

The following artists have been influential to my practice, Ellsworth Kelly, Segio de Camargo, D.J.Simpson, Martin Boyce (Trees and concrete leaves series) and the Chinese artist Liu Wei.

Since finishing my degree I have steadily developed my practice. I spend one day a week in Manchester working on my printing (Hot Bed Press). I am an enthusiastic member of the "Friends of the Whitworth" and regularly visit museums and galleries.

We all have aspirations, whether it be to exhibit in major exhibitions or to be recognised as an "artist", but for me meeting fellow artists to discuss artistic topics and the everyday affecting them would be nice. Developing ones practice relies on criticism and exhibiting is one way of evaluating ones work. So, having the opportunity to exhibit is an important criteria in developing my practise.

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