shows by BVA member Diana Baur
Future exhibitions and those closing in the last 120 days are shown

Sat 3rd Mar 2018
Sat 7th Apr 2018

10.0-5.0 Mon-Sat
Diana Baur
Painting with Words
Willow Gallery, Oswestry

group show
An open exhibition celebrating the influence and inspiration of literature and language on the visual arts. We encourage Artists to explore this interesting and inspiring topic in a broad range of styles, materials and interpretations. Key themes for inspiration: Literature, language, storytelling, prose, poetry, song lyrics, sung and spoken word, myths, legends and local history. Calligraphy, illuminated manuscripts, typesetting, print, bookbinding, paper and print.

Fri 16th Feb 2018
Fri 16th Mar 2018

Thurs-Sats 10.0-4.0 - opening night Fri 16 Feb at 7.0pm
Diana Baur
Energy and Motion
Undegun 11 Regent Street Wrexham

group show
Join us for the launch of Energy & Motion at Undegun, from 7pm. Free event. Featuring the work of: Diana Baur Hannah Prescott Jon Price With special guest emerging artist Tristan Dickenson. The launch will feature music from Jonathan Evans Coley. The night also presents the premiere of People in Places Written and Directed by Robert Corcoran for 73 Degree Films. “Energy and motion made visible – memories arrested in space” ― Jackson Pollock This exhibition features the work of three prominent visual artists, all with Wrexham connections through their learning, work and social circles. The exhibition is tour de force of contemporary abstract-expressionist thought where “Energy & Motion” become reality through the interpretation of the painters.

A networking group of 59 artists, living in and around Oswestry, UK