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Wed 27th Jun 2018
Sat 30th Jun 2018

10 - 5pm
Elizabeth Cadd
New Designer (One Year In) - Week 1
London, Business Design Centre

group show
Creating joyful and uplifting patterns, artist and designer, Elizabeth Cadd uses her intuitive painting and printmaking techniques to make expressive contemporary prints.
An experimental approach to pattern development, playfulness and a passion for colour are key to her distinctive style. Her painterly, sometimes abstract designs are nearly always inspired by nature and the beauty of the natural world.
Her colourful surface pattern designs are suitable for textiles, interiors and the fashion industry. She will be showcasing her original screen printed artworks, limited edition prints and exclusive textile designs for sale.
New Designers presents the Top 100 new design businesses in the UK at One Year In (formerly One Year On) – a curated showcase of the most promising and intriguing designers, studios and entrepreneurs who have recently launched their own businesses. Visitors can browse and buy original pieces directly from their makers, find out more about their ambitions and commission bespoke works while supporting small design companies.

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