BVA exhibitions at the Oswestry Library

The BVA has a permanent display space in Oswestry Library, where we have a new exhibition each month.

It can feature the work of 1 or 2 artists, or be a group show with many BVA members participating.

You can also find the BVA folder which contains details about the artists.

Start date
Wall display

Mon 6th Feb 2017
Gill Crozier
Recent Works 
Gill Crozier
Sketchbooks and prints  

Mon 6th Mar 2017
Holly Hayward
Paintings of portraits 
Chris Charstone
Small glass sculptures 

Mon 3rd Apr 2017
Hayley Parfitt
installation using mirrors, metal hanging for the ceiling.  
Hayley Parfitt

Mon 1st May 2017
Judith Harrison
Recent work 
Sara Piper Heap
Recent sculptures and jewellery 

Mon 5th Jun 2017
Graham Mitchell
Open Studios 
Graham Mitchell
Open Studios 

Mon 3rd Jul 2017
Janie McLeod
Paintings. Land and Sea.. 
D Amelia Harrison
Smoke fired ceramic sculpture. 

Bookings for 6 months are shown

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