BVA exhibitions at the Oswestry Library

The BVA has a permanent display space in Oswestry Library, where we have a new exhibition each month.

It can feature the work of 1 or 2 artists, or be a group show with many BVA members participating.

You can also find the BVA folder which contains details about the artists.

Start date
Wall display

Mon 5th Aug 2019
Hayley Parfitt
Hayley Parfitt

Mon 2nd Sep 2019
Janie McLeod
Gill Crozier and Janie Mcleod. More info to follow. 
Janie McLeod
Gill&Janie. Small pieces&works in progress. 

Mon 7th Oct 2019
no booking yet
Dorothy Harrison
Smoke fired ceramics and processes that inform them. 

Mon 4th Nov 2019
Joanne Dale
Elements small studies on board 
Joanne Dale
3D figurative pieces 

Mon 2nd Dec 2019
Mary Cunnah
Nature Reclaimes Oil paintings of derelict houses in beautiful locations. 
Mary Cunnah
Sketch books  

Mon 6th Jan 2020
no booking yet

Bookings for 6 months are shown

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