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Tue 2nd Jul 2019
Sat 27th Jul 2019

10am - 4.00pm
Myra Ryan
Oswestry Heritage Centre

solo show
Lure A new body of work by sculptor, printmaker and installation artist Myra Ryan. Inspired by the numerous stories of brave women everywhere who have the courage to speak out, the work attempts to make visible narratives that might otherwise go unrecorded. Lured by Prince Charming, bound by convention, gender, family, community, society, religion, the sculptures reflect, and confront, the many ways in which we may be bound. The work is, in part, a response to the many people, often female, who do not have a voice of their own and who are hidden from view. Myra is an artist living and working in North Wales Web: Email: Twitter: @myraryanartist

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